Conveyancing software. ConveyPro automating the conveyancing process
Conveyancing software. ConveyPro automating the conveyancing process
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  Conveyancing software. ConveyPro automating the conveyancing process  

This exciting LIVE calculator will show you that ConveyProControl will make you more profitable.

Why trust this calculator? simply because its based on average data from current LIVE client users of ConveyProControl. The averages used are real figures from across England & Wales. There is no access to actual clients data obviously, we have used our Mathematics skills (M.A. in Applied Mathematics) to average, weight and produce a formulae to make this tool reflect what is really happening out there for existing users.
To make life easier for you, we have also filled in the costs figures with industry averages. We have asked an independent consultant to provide us with these. However you can replace these with your own figures (just overtype in the box). RELAX there is no way we know who you are and we do not gather the data that you put in, this calculator is totally anonymous. Once you have changed your figures for costs and prices you can then play What If.
The two What If questions are; With ConveyProControl…
  • What If I could then reduce or increase my fee by X %.
  • What If I could increase my conveyancing teams efficiency by Y % 

The calculator then returns the result. This proves (thankfully…phew!) that ConveyProControl does really make you more profitable. Don't take just our word for it call us for a list of references and they will tell you – “it makes a worthwhile difference”. Call 0845 65 26 855 now.


Don't forget to print this page and take it to your next partners or staff meeting. 


Number of Fee Earners: Number of Staff / Users :
Outgoings (per person) Income No. Matters Charge per Matter
Fee Earners (£): Sales :
Support Staff (£): Purchases :
Dept Overheads (£): Remortgages :
Total Outgoings (£): Total Matters :  
    Total Revenue (£):  
    Current Profit :  
See the affect of ConveyProControl
Based on our REAL average figures from existing clients   Your Fee Figure Change:
Based on a % efficiency increase of your choice   Your % Increase in Efficiency:
  No. Matters Cost
Sales :
Purchases :
Remortgages :
Total Matters  
Total Revenue (£):  
Matter Increase:
Current Profit (£):
Profit Improves by (£):
  Take control.... telephone or email to arrange for an obligation free demonstration, or to discuss any queries you have after your demonstration  
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