Conveyancing software. ConveyPro automating the conveyancing process
Conveyancing software. ConveyPro automating the conveyancing process
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Demonstration of the Conveyancing software from ConveyPro
Conveyancers Senior Partners Practice Manager Integration
Senior or Supervisory Partners find ConveyProControl improves profitability and helps them better manage their team’s outputs, making them more productive and less stressed.
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How does ConveyProControl help me increase our firm’s profitability?
ConveyProControl allows you to set a series of profit parameters and then flags the conveyancer when they near each parameter, and continues to do so until additional fees are instructed, or you choose to make a loss on the matter. In this way you can ensure that fees match time input.

ConveyProControl enables you to monitor progress and performance as well as control and delegate workloads, so that they are progressed by the most appropriate member of staff for speed and profitability.

The ConveyProControl website provides you with a competitive advantage, for both new and potential clients. Customised summaries of progress in each matter can be effectively used to demonstrate the firms’ commitment to client care.

What can I do to reduce the risk management burden?
ConveyProControl provides a detailed audit trail, which will demonstrate accountability to your professional indemnity insurers.

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